Styles: Hardcore|Industrial|Techno

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Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Closest Airports: ARN

A veteran but an outsider in the hardcore scene, Starving Insect’s interpretation of hardcore techno is filtered through an icy lens of Scandinavian bleakness.

His music emphasizes vast apocalyptic soundscapes, melodic gloom and thundering kicks, and his unique blend of doomcore, millennium style hardcore and industrial techno makes him equally suitable for hardcore events as for hard techno raves. A set by Starving Insect stands out from the rest of the lineup as a cinematic (yet highly energetic) journey.

Apart from his releases on PRSPCT (including a mammoth collab with darkcore legend Catscan) Starving Insect has left his chilly imprint on esteemed labels like The Third Movement, Planet Phuture, Tripalium, Scuderia and Dark. Descent.

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