Styles: Hardcore|Industrial

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Location: The Netherlands
Closest Airports: AMS or EIN, RTM

Nils van Lingen and Yuri van Vlijmen, are 2 high school buddies from The Hague city that had a passion for hard electronic music from day one. They both were very interested in playing music in front of a crowd and later on decided to make music themselves and joined forces in the studio. In 2004 their very first demo was instantly approved by one of the bigger hardcore labels at the time. Their debut album titled ‘Deus ex machina’ Mindustries delivered a set of tracks which resulted in a unique impact on the scene. This compilation was difficult to place under a fixed style or genre, the percussion-driven experiments display a danceable yet dark ambience. Since then, Mindustries has released various EPs and tracks on Enzyme Records, The Third Movement, Genosha Recordings and PRSPCT Recordings to name a few. Mindustries has evolved their music into a rhythmic powerhouse. Hard, distorted, and atmospheric, driven by energy and with an industrial grind.

Nils and Yuri are a force in the studio as well as behind the decks. Mixing the darker industrial sets with the occasional early flashback and acid sidestep, their typical hardcore sound transforms from speaker to crowd, with a non-stop occupation of loud and clear-cut beats ready to take over…keeping the experiment flowing. With PRSPCT as their new home base, they are very excited to breach sound barriers once again and find new mix balances to keep that distinct sound fresh. They have a real heart for progressive hardcore music so one should relish that diversity!

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