Styles: Hardcore|Industrial|Techno

Worldwide bookings | PRSPCT label nights
Location: Belgium
Closest Airport: BRU

One of the leading acts in the contemporary industrial techno scene, [KRTM] combines modern industrial techno with oldschool sensibility. A producer with over 10 years’ experience and head of outsider techno labels SSSPCR and Madback Records, [KRTM] released his breakthrough debut album on PRSPCT in 2018. He’s performed hybrid live sets, featuring a singularly bone-crushing take on hardcore techno, at events like Bang Face Weekender, Astropolis, Possession and Unpolished, as well as major Dutch hardcore festivals like Defqon1, Masters of Hardcore, Q-base, Dominator and Decibel.

For Belgian inquiries, contact seppe@livenation.com
For worldwide inquiries, contact bookings@RVLTagency.com


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Styles: Hardcore | Industrial | Techno | Tekno