Styles: Hardcore|Industrial

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Location: Belgium
Closest Airports: BRU or CRL

Joe ET is a seasoned DJ and promoter with a quarter of a century of experience in the underground and alternative Hardcore music scene. Hailing from the UK and now residing in Belgium, he has firmly established himself as a prominent figure in UK Hardcore Techno history.

This skilled DJ commands the stage as well as any of the top performers in the field, with a natural instinct for working the dancefloor and a music selection as deep as it is wide. With one eye on the kicks and the other on the breaks, his UK heritage is never far away. Expect the unexpected!

JOE ET has performed his high energy sets at hundreds of events all over the globe. From European festivals like Dominator, Q-Base, Boomtown Fair and Balter to indoor raves like PRSPCT XL, Heresy, Footworxx, Live Evil, Darkside, North and Therapy Sessions and regularly in Berlin. He has also performed in countries such as Japan and Vietnam, demonstrating his passion and commitment to the genre. Big or small, he is ready to throw down… Any time, any place.

In addition to his DJ career, Joe ET is the mastermind behind Oblivion Underground, a record label that boasts an impressive vinyl and digital catalogue featuring some of the most talented artists in the scene. As a promoter, Oblivion Underground has hosted over 50 club nights across the world.

Joe ET also hosts “The Oblivion Show,” a popular live talk show that interviews established guests and provides a platform for established and emerging artists in the Hardcore community.

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Styles: Hardcore | Industrial
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Styles: Drum & Bass | Hardcore | Industrial