Styles: Industrial|Techno

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Location: The Netherlands
Closest Airports: AMS or EIN, RTM

Rotor Militia is a Rotterdam based electronic music project focusing on a combination of techno driven digital beats and hypnotic abstract layers of ritualistic and synthetic sounds.

Growing up on Dutch dancefloors around the 90’s and 00’s, both members of the collective were highly influenced by the darker, harder styles of electronic music. While listening to early releases on labels such as PCP, Industrial Strength and R&S they both found their way into the illegal rave circuit where the more experimental / edgier stuff was being played. These influences in combination with a special interest in dark ambient and noise led them to create their own sonic signature. A signature sound that can be heard in their adventurous releases on Lux, Double Cross, Riot Radio Records and their own Mechanism Imprint. In December 2022 the duo released their first full length album on PRSPCT Recordings.


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Styles: Hardcore | Industrial | Techno
Styles: Hardcore | Industrial | Techno
Styles: Hardcore | LIVE | Techno | Tekno
Styles: Hardcore | Industrial | Techno | Tekno
Styles: Hardcore | Industrial | Jungle | LIVE | Techno