Styles: Hardcore|LIVE|Techno|Tekno

Worldwide bookings | PRSPCT label nights
Location: Berlin, DE & St Etienne, FR
Closest Airports: BER & LYS or GVA

R-Zac is 30 years of tracks and Improvised livesets. Starting out as the Spiral Tribe Liveset they basically sound tracked the 1990’s Free Party scene. From this place and that of running the Spiral Tribe Studio ( Studio 23 ) they put down the foundations of the genre that has become known as Hard-tec/Tribe.

After having worked on the Spiral Tribe music they formed the label Network 23 and transformed their liveset name to R-Zac. As well as releasing on their own labels they have appeared on Big Life Records, Butterfly Records, Rabbit City Records, Expressillon, Drop Bass Network, Force Inc. , Labworks, Trax Records Chicago…………

Since the 90’s they have worked under the solo names of Crystal Distortion and 69db and R-Zac when playing as a duo. They have played all over the rave scene worldwide and continued to play with SP23 which is the Spiral Tribe Music and Art collective. More recently they have joined the ranks of PRSPCT where they will be re-releasing their 1990’s output and a new upcoming album.



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Styles: Hardcore | Industrial | Techno | Tekno
Styles: Hardcore | Industrial | Techno | Tekno
Styles: Hardcore | Industrial | Techno | Tekno