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“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Nikola Tesla.

Fascinated by how frequencies affect the body and the mind, and the power of sound as both a destructive and healing force, Neurocore started composing computer music in the late 90’s. Born in Poland and raised in Brittany, France, he was drawn to hardcore via the pioneering work of La Peste and the Michelson sisters, Mouse and No Name. His debut EP was signed to Hangars Liquides in 2004, followed by releases on Underground Perversions, Love Hz and Destruction Records.

Utilizing computers to design “mind echoes” into complex aural architectures, Neurocore is inspired by a rich source of non-musical influences ranging from nature, numbers and astronomy to books and dreams.

Playing infrequently and discretely across Europe over the following two decades has generated a cult around Neurocore; eschewing interviews, podcasts and the usual music industry fanfare has only fanned the enigma.

Fundamentally flipping the hardcore credence as a purely dark or violent form of electronic music, Neurocore harnesses speed to provoke a heightened emotional response. The results are transcendent, soulful, even lovely dancefloor (or home-listening) experiences. Building live shows around the idea of a roller coaster ride, or an estimation of being sucked into a wormhole, Neurocore offers a full body and mind excursion to the inner core.

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