Styles: MC

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Location: The Netherlands
Closest Airports: AMS or EIN, RTM

Mike Redman has been performing since the heydays of the legendary Energiehal as a recording artist, MC and is any DJ’s ultimate wingman. One of few MC’s that understands that sometimes less is more and ferociously fills in the blanks with hard hitting punches while driving the crowd wild. Always professional and sober on the gig. He has internationally performed with some of the greats and is known for tackling various styles. You can put this guy anywhere, but he’ll be at is best when the music is savage. Hardcore, Breakcore, Early Rave, Terror, Industrial, Jungle and Drum’n Bass are second nature to him. His stage presence is energetic, aggressive almost and brings any event to a climax. Mike Redman has been there, from Thunderdome, Outlook, Boomtown, Decibel, Dominator, Lowlands and everything in between. Make him rock a crowd at your event, you won’t regret it!

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