Styles: Breakcore|Drum & Bass|Jungle|LIVE

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Location: The Netherlands
Closest Airports: AMS or EIN, RTM

Mike Redman’ s project ‘DEFORMER’ has been internationally breaking down musical barriers since the early 90’s.

As a pioneer of Dutch hardcore Jungle music DEFORMER has produced tracks that would later be filed under different sub-genres partly defined by the alias.

DEFORMER music is considered radio-unfriendly, bold, dark and unorthodox, a soundtrack for audio outcasts and musical misfits.

DEFORMER has achieved legendary status for the project’s perpetual reinvention and the incessantly outrageous and shocking horror-themed theatrical performances and record covers.

DEFORMER is hailed for putting horror into the genre, inspiring a new generation of artists and labels, but audiences too. Where ‘mosh-pits’ were usually a thing in Metal, DEFORMER early on introduced a Drum ’n Bass crowd to the phenomenon and it never disappeared.

DEFORMER has an incredible trackrecord setting festivals on fire such as Outlook, Lowlands, Boomtown, PRSPCT XL and has destroyed the club circuit for 25+ years on end.

You won’t find an act similar to DEFORMER as DJ MAG recently stated:
‘DEFORMER operates in a category of one’
And besides that, not booking DEFORMER means your event is too soft…

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